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I have been to a handful of psychics over the years, but none as spot on as Jana. I had a reading a few years ago and asked a variety of questions about various topics and I can't believe how accurate her reading was. Not everything she told me was easy to hear but she delivered the information in a gentle way that did not leave me freaked out or worried. She is really gifted and has a warmth about her that puts you at ease.

Pablo - Oxnard CA


One-Hour Power Coaching Session

A Power Coaching session is a one hour life coaching session. I draw on my training in Personal Coaching, Spiritual Psychology as well as my Intuitive Gifts in an interactive exchange with you. (- similar to a therapy or coaching session) The sessions are very informative and will help you to better understand where to best concentrate your efforts. You will walk away with practical and useful tools and information that will allow you to implement the changes you need to manifest the life you truly want. A list of questions/concerns you want to know about is suggested so that you can get the full benefit of a session.

These One-Hour sessions can be done in-person or via phone.

Price: $225

Half-Hour Power Coaching Session

These sessions provide a great opportunity to hone in on one or two specific issues in which you are trying to gain clarity. They are conducted in the same way as the hour sessions except our focus is contained to just a couple of major issues.

For those of you who are new clients, this will give you the opportunity to experience a Power Coaching session at a discounted price.

These sessions are done via phone only.

Price: $135

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