"Perfectly Fit Intuition"

Shortly after I began reading this book I felt as though I had found a long long piece of a jigsaw puzzle. Jana brings together many areas that are necessary for one to experience feelings of well being. She elegantly educates the reader about our often overlooked intuition and psychic potential. Jana weaves together a beautiful appreciation of the interconnectedness of intuition, psychic abilities, nutrition, and fitness. Throughout the book she gently encourages the reader to explore and develop each of these areas by providing useful information and concrete plans for growth. She has an amazing talent for presenting a wide array of information in a light an humorous manner.

I found this book to be educational, inspiring, and completely enjoyable.

Theresa A Schooler

Santa Monica, CA
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Discover the secrets to unlock your inner wisdom
and draw upon
the great energy of your higher self

Perfectly Fit Intuition
Training for Inner Guidance and Outer Strength

What if you had all the tools you'd ever need to live the life of your dreams?

"A person who is physically fit is aware of their body and its capacity to interact with the world. Because of this, they carry themselves with confidence.
 A person who is intuitively evolved is aware of the power of their intuition and how it works with the non-physical world around them. Because of this, their spirit knows the peace and power of inner confidence. Confidence is a powerful ally for all of us. By nurturing this powerful balance between the physical world and the intuitive world you create synergy…and become a much more powerful You!

Perfectly Fit Intuition will teach you to work directly with the power that fuels everything in your life. Instead of merely reacting to life’s problems and treating “symptoms” when challenges arise, you will unlock the key to treating your core issues directly! Take charge of your life–take this book home and take control of your full psychic potential!
In this powerful new book, personal trainer and intuition coach Jana Hollingsworth shares the secrets of strengthening your psychic muscles in order to enhance nearly every aspect of your daily life.