There are no words significant enough, or frankly worthy enough, to describe how my life has changed by receiving readings from Jana. I consider myself pretty experienced in this realm getting readings from psychics, mediums, astrologers, palm/tarot readers, (ad infinitum) my entire life and they were all helpful in their own and different ways. However the results I have achieved with Jana have been momentous, life-changing, deeply profound, empowering, beyond insightful and most importantly 100% accurate.
I have personally found that readings with Jana have worked wonders for me and for my life and I consider this an absolute necessity as I progress on my path to continued enlightenment. From the deepest place in my heart I am most grateful to her.

Los Angeles, CA

About Jana

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Jana Hollingsworth is a gifted Power Coach, Author, and award-winning Fitness Competitor. She is also a Fitness Ambassador for Jana is a sought-after radio guest and a well known workshop leader in psychic development. She blends her knowledge of intuitive power with her dedication to health and fitness to create a mind, body, soul approach to her coaching sessions.

Her personal journey into the psychic realm began as a child. Growing up with a mother who is psychic, she was constantly surrounded by people coming to her house for readings. She thought this was a normal part of life. Her own powers came in the form of predictive dreams, "knowing things," and having an uncanny ability to hook people up with the perfect jobs or connect them with others who could help them in some way. Her friends jokingly referred to her as the "cosmic connector." Her first encounter with a spirit occurred when she was in her 20's. Three days after her dad died of lung cancer, he appeared to her. He came to her in the middle of the night….she woke up to him sitting at the end of her bed with his hand on her ankle. He stopped by to let her know that he was fine and that everything was going to be okay. Since then, her journey has continued and she is now enjoying her work as an Intuitive Coach where she can assist others with their lives.

Jana was active as a child and grew up competing in horse shows, swim meets, tennis matches, and dance competitions. As she got older, she got into weight training and her passion for fitness kept growing. Today she is an award-winning Figure and Bikini competitor.

Jana's unique approach to Power Coaching also draws on her experience as a Holistic Health Practitioner, Personal Trainer, her training in Spiritual Psychology, and her 20+ years of experience working with high-level executives of major corporations. Jana is also a Fitness Ambassador for

Being uniquely trained in multiple disciplines that directly affect a person's lifestyle change, Jana is able to combine these skills into a creative and powerful style. She uses these skills to work on the spiritual and emotional levels with her clients to enhance the quality of their lives. She has captivated her clients with her honest and down to earth approach while bringing a fresh perspective to the world of psychic phenomena.